How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel

YouTube has now become a huge outlet of income for millions of people across the globe. The platform does not just cater to celebrities; it is equally beneficial for all users worldwide who aspire to become modern-day stars of the internet.

As users continue to expand each day, it is almost impossible to weigh the influential power of YouTube. But one thing is for certain. It has revolutionized the lives of hundreds of thousands who are generating tons of revenue with their personal YouTube channel with some that have a subscription base crossing 8 million!

One such popular YouTube celebrity is Ryan Higa who has gained an audience of millions. It’s hard to evaluate his total earnings with over 5 million subscribers to his channel. However, we can easily figure out that he is running a multi-million dollar channel banking on millions of views.

Similar YouTube celebrities have shown that you can accomplish great success with a YouTube channel, provided you follow a foolproof strategy to establish and maintain a YouTube channel.

It takes more than just setting a channel and uploading of content. You must stick to a blend of quality content and affiliate marketing to achieve greater results.

Here are 14 ways to create and promote a successful YouTube channel.

  1. Come up with a Unique Brand

There are thousands of YouTube channels under a single niche. Yet, some manage to score better and stay ahead of others. Why? Well, that is because they are able to offer something unique. Come up with a brand name that fascinates people. Your brand name must ignite interest and should relate to what you are about to offer through your channel.

Moreover, choose a username that is easy to comprehend and remember. Avoid using difficult spellings or phrases and refrain from copying others. Brainstorm and choose a unique username since you will not be able to change it in the future. However, you can always make new channels with the same account.

After creating a channel and choosing a username; create a catchy video that explains why you have created this channel and show your enthusiasm by all means. The more excitement you show, the more promising your channel appears.

  1. Create Professional Videos

Never confuse professionalism with boredom. Professional videos never have to be too serious or boring. It is important that you invest in good equipment to make your YouTube videos. There’s nothing wrong in using an iPhone camera video as long as it looks stable and delivers your content perfectly.

The audio should be crisp and clear. Don’t use a thick accent. Keep your subject in focus. Shoddy production and cheap props in the video will only make you look like an amateur who doesn’t know how to impress an audience.

If words don’t come naturally to you prepare a script and memorize it. Avoid stuttering during the videos. Let your videos be visually aesthetic and audible so that they deliver your message loud and clear.

Muffled audio, mediocre backgrounds and non-professional equipment is rarely a good recipe for a successful YouTube channel.

Browse the most popular YouTube channels and you will see why they are so successful. They rarely publish content that has audio or visual issues. All videos are recorded with glitch-free equipment and have a high production value.

Low quality gives off an amateur and un-professional impression of your channel no matter how experienced you are in your niche. If your YouTube channel holds a business perspective; hire professional help to shoot your videos.

Quality consumer cameras from Panasonic, Sony and Canon are great for shooting good visuals with superior audio. Check out videos from a decade age and you will be shocked to see the current technological advancements. The difference in quality and overall feel is worlds apart.


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  1. Post Regularly

It is not surprising to see that the most popular of YouTube channels post something new every single day. Sometimes, there are a more than a couple of postings in the same day. More videos mean more subscribers. It is important to keep your YouTube channel fresh as stale content hardly gets any subscriptions.

One of the biggest channels on YouTube is PewDiePie that posts new videos every day, constantly reminding the subscribers to engage with the channel. Utilize automation tools to save time and never let your content become older than a week.

  1. Create Video Responses

It is not uncommon for global YouTube content uploaders to struggle for any attention at all. No visibility is enough to discourage you from achieving success, if you are coming up with incredibly informative and professional-looking videos.

One of the best ways to get quick attention is to design unique responses to recently popular events or videos by other internet or real-time celebrities. The more interesting and controversial your response is; the more attention it is likely to gather. People who are not previously connected to you can click their way through your channel. Once they get to know how interesting your channel is, there is a fair chance that they get subscribed to you.

Keep all responses funny, short or creative but never rude. Negative reactions may get you instant popularity, but rarely long-term subscriptions.

  1. Upload Reviews

Just like different types of reactions are vital in captivating attention, reviews are also a valuable method of connecting to new and existing audiences.

In depth product review of trendy items and like tech-gadgets, phones, video games and anything that is recently launched can hook you up with tons of subscribers. Make sure you reviews are dead-accurate, updated and spell out all pros and cons of the product you are reviewing.

  1. Benefit from YouTube Affiliate Marketing

YouTube affiliate marketing involves creating videos and placing affiliate links in video descriptions or actual videos. This is similar to writing a blog post with an affiliate link to a product related to the subject of your post. You can make tutorial or how-to videos and highlight similar products and in the description or show their uses in your videos.

All these efforts have a single purpose; redirect traffic to an affiliate landing page. You can also redirect users to an email sign-up form. All serious YouTube creators have at least one affiliate that they bank on for supporting their channel.

YouTube serves as a marketing giant for both consumers and marketers. This has led to several categories of creators that are connected to YouTube.

The first category belongs to dedicatedly serious content creators who place occasional affiliate links in their videos. This way they successfully generate impressive revenues with ad views and sponsored content.

For instance, there are many successful channels from big or medium-sized cosmetic brands. Every time a new make-up product is launched, a tutorial video is created to highlight its uses and benefits. This also gives affiliate marketers and other artists to experiment new looks using the same products.

The second category comprises of channels that exist exclusively to make affiliate commissions. All content from these channels revolve around how to make affiliate commissions as much as possible.

  1. Highlight your Own Products

If the sole reason of your YouTube channel is to promote your own business; then turn it into a marketing channel. Your channel will help your business to grow and notify users each time you launch something new.

Your business may be small initially. However, once your audience grows, you will promote your own products to an ever-expanding audience. Find creative ways to use them and don’t just display them in your videos. The more actionable your video is, the more effect it will have.

  1. Stay Connected to Your Audience

Success demands commitment. People are less likely to follow you if you fail to respond to their queries or feedback. Every time you upload a video ask for additional ideas or what your viewers think about what you have just presented.

Engagement is just as important as regular posting or creating quality content. This way you will have loyal subscribers. Some channels also offer giveaways and contests. However, a much easier way to stay connected is to reply to comments or ask for what your subscribers want to see in future videos.

Never disrespect any subscriber. Learn to value different opinions and acknowledge any inaccurate information in your videos. It is easy to fall out of the habit of nurturing your YouTube channel. Persistence goes a long way in creating a popular YouTube channel.


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  1. Stick to a Schedule

Popular YouTubers generally have a schedule that they follow religiously. This helps the fans to return to their channel on a regular basis. If you upload a new video every Monday or Friday, you are bound to receive regular exposure to your channel.

  1. Create Global Content

This goes true for all kinds of YouTube channels. It doesn’t matter if you upload videos in your own language. As long as they contain an international element; you are likely to score big with your videos.

Work on getting the attention of your local community first. Once you gain enough loyal subscribers, they will begin to share your videos in their own networks. You must be good at what you do as nobody wants to share something that has already been re-told told before.

  1. Work on the Metadata

It is easy to throw in a few appropriate tags while uploading your video. However, the whole process has now evolved into a science. Since obvious tags are wildly popular, it’s not easy to become visible with insufficient information related to your video.

Successful YouTube channels meticulously work on their keywords, descriptions, titles and tags. All these elements are important for optimizing videos. Your video alone is no longer influential enough to be prominent in hundreds of videos that are uploaded every hour.

This is crucial as YouTube ranks videos in their search results based on this information. Good metadata guarantees that your videos have a high chance of getting discovered.

  1. Deliver Useful Content

Even if your channel is all about entertainment, viewers hate to waste time looking at something that has no value. Focusing and brainstorming is just as important as shooting a video. When you work on an idea that sets you apart from others; that’s when your videos begin to get noticed. Moreover, an impressive number of YouTube channels have become famous by incorporating some entertainment into their videos regardless of how professional their videos are. It is not surprisingly to see the most popular YouTube channels to be based on pure entertainment.

This actually involves delivering all messages through entertainment. No matter what message you are delivering, acting it out in a fun way is pleasant to watch. Sometimes, punctuating it with obscure tags also works so that nobody knows what you mean until the end. Although risky, it is highly rewarding if it works out.

  1. Stay away from Spamming

There are plenty of ways to get attention on YouTube. But each one of them requires talent. Spamming yourself through the internet in search of hits will only tarnish your image and credibility.

  1. Observe your Competitors

If you are a brand, take notes from your rivals to know what they are working on and what they have already covered. Entrepreneurs, professionals and skilled experts can offer valuable advice and reviews on their YouTube channels.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have a channel that lets your business to connect with its audience; then it is a different story. But before uploading first YouTube video, you need to truly understand why you want to create a channel. Are you on the lookout for a deal from a television network or do you want to land a role in an upcoming movie?

Many people have begun their YouTube journey as a hobby. It is important to find something that truly fascinates you. You will only be able to give long-term dedication to something that you are truly passionate about.

It takes some serious commitment and creativity to let people find you. With persistence, talent and knowledge of changing trends in YouTube, you can build a large audience for your YouTube channel.

Do you have a successful YouTube channel or currently working on one? We would love to hear your experiences and stories. Feel free to comment below.

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