Six Steps To Success In Life

You want to be believe in yourself.

You want to look inside and see yourself. When nobody else believes in you, you have to believe in yourself. You have to be able to reach inside, and say, “Yes, I know that I can do this, that I have the power, that I am the one who’s in control.” You have to really believe in yourself, believe in your vision, because the amount of time it’s going to take and the people you’re going to have to convince along the way, there’s a lot of people.

You’re going to have a lot of doors slammed in your face. It’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be an uphill climb, so you really have to not only believe in your vision for the company, but beyond that, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe in your values, and what you’re trying to accomplish, and the goals you’re trying to achieve in your business, and by doing this, it’ll set everything else straight. It’ll be like a rocket, and everything else will be aligned with this, and you’ll start to see big results and big changes in your life.

You need to have a vision.

You need to have something that’s on the horizon that you can see that, “This is where we’re headed. This is what we’re trying to accomplish. These are our goals.” And it all builds up into this vision, and the vision is for the future, and the vision is, “What is this thing that we’re creating or currently working on going to look like five years, ten years down the road? What type of impact do I want this to ultimately have? What is the end goal that we’re trying to accomplish? What are the things that need to happen and the order that they need to happen in order to achieve this vision? Who are we going to bring on board? Are we going to bring on investors? Are we going to bring on partners? Are we going to bring on more staff Are we going to bring on new employees?”

The vision encapsulates everything. It gets everybody rallied around the table, and it’s something that can drive at the heart of the company, at the center of it, and to really hold that vision and hold true to it, even when people are trying to knock you off that vision. It’s the thing that’ll be like your rod and staff that will hold you steady through the storms and the people that try to come in and take you off that vision. It’s always a point that you can lock onto and rally the troops around that vision.

You need to manage your energy and your time.

You need to be able to be aware of when you eat your meals. You need to be able to maximize the energy of each meal. People know that when you eat breakfast, you use that energy up, and you need to take advantage of that energy that you have to be able to do the most important task, because the day goes by fast, as you know, and you need to really maximize those maximum peak energy times, typically after you eat or after you work out, to be able to utilize that small period of time where you have the maximum amount of energy to focus on the biggest thing that needs to get done, and the biggest needle mover for that day.

During those times of peak energy, when you … And also getting a lot of rest is important too. You need to get sleep. You need to get rest to be able maintain that energy throughout the day. Now, taking naps is one thing. You could always take a nap after you eat lunch to regain some of that energy. A lot of people do that, but what I’m saying to you is that you need to make sure that you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep every single night. It’s very very important to manage your energy so that you can take advantage of those opportunities throughout the day to get more things done.

You constantly want to face your fears.

You want to really face down your fears, and really step outside of your comfort zone, and put yourself out there, and really, anything that you’re fearful of in your business, that’s something that you need to move towards, because moving towards those fears are what allow you to overcome them, and eliminate them, and get past them, and turn those fears into strengths, and turn those fears into power, and by facing your fears, constantly every day it’s expanding your comfort zone, expanding your horizons, and you’re really going to be able to accelerate the way that you’re learning things, the way that you’re implementing things, the way that you’re executing, and really take things to the next level for you and your business.

You need to take action.

Taking action is really really important. People just write down things, but they never execute. They never take action. You can sit all day, and you can think about things, and you can contemplate, and you can pontificate, but until you actually start moving and taking the necessary actions that are going to allow you to gain momentum and to start knocking some of these things off …

I mean, taking action is really really important, and I think a lot of people, the reason they don’t take action is because, a lot of times, they don’t know what actions to take, so if that’s the case, what you need to do is you need to take your overall objective, your overall goal, and break it down backwards. You need to reverse engineer where you want to be, and then re-engineer the steps that it’s going to take to achieve that. Break each step down into micro-goals, into micro-steps, and then just start executing on those micro-steps until you achieve the goal, and then the next goal, and the next goal, and eventually, you’ll achieve a big goal, and then that big goal can be tied back into the vision, and it’s going to start to accelerate your progress.

You want to deliver more than what’s expected.

You always want to go the extra mile, because going the extra mile really puts you and your brand above everybody else. You’re going to be able to do things that other people just can’t do. You’re going to be able to really wow your customer and make the experience something that they’re going to enjoy, something that they’re going to benefit from, something that they’re going to love you for, and that’s why we give them more than what’s expected. It’s going to allow you to have repeat customers, repeat business, and really make your business a whole lot stronger and a whole lot more profitable.

November 2, 2017

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