Reputation Marketing: Be An Affiliate Marketing Success Story

Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing field has developed from the merge of the fields of brand marketing and Reputation management. There is a difference between reputation marketing and reputation management, yet people tend to get confused, therefore I would like to clarify their difference between the two.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is important but it’s only the first step. It covers several categories but the main or first agenda is cleaning up unwanted posts and information about an entity (person or company) online. It can also be defined in two simpler concepts:

  • It is monitoring and influencing the online reputation of a brand or business
  • It is the addressing of negative mentions and reviews.

There are some other objectives or reasons a person or company will contact an online reputation management firm which include:

  •  New companies will seek out help so as to build the business along with a respectable overall reputation.
  •  Acknowledged businesses want to uphold a decent presence overall through the board. It is wise to hire an external entity due to skill and/or manpower.

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Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is very different. It puts the power of social proof to work for your business. With technology changes in the search engines (especially with Google) the rulebook has really changed. Advancing with the ongoing changes is the only way to maintain a brand’s reputation. In this socially connected world, Reputation marketing is recommended for any business/company that wants to position themselves as the clear market leaders according to consumers.

Consumers leave online reviews and citing experiences of a product on social media websites. Consumers will always seek for a great experience, so they seek for that business with a lot of consistent positive reviews. With majority going online to seek recommendations, reputation is everything.

Reputation marketing is key to boosting all your marketing efforts both online and off, driving more prospective customers to the business with the social proof of reputation. Imagine that influence of adding social proof that other consumers already trust you brand or business services, to your; Website, Newspaper Ads, Facebook Page, Television Ads, Flyers, Postcards etc.Optimizing, monitoring, claiming and engaging with your posting clients/customers need to be of value now. This offers public proof that you run a business that actually cares about their clienteles.

People are quick to post comments and reviews about their discontent in a firm, restaurant etc. whereas when people walk away contented they normally don’t say a word. So how do you retain and encourage positive reviews to be posted?


There are several reputation marketing strategies that you can apply for customers to post 5-star positive reviews and also to help your business grow.

  • Develop your five star reputation
  • Market your five star reputation
  • Manage and control your five star reputation
  • Generate a Reputation Marketing culture to develop your five star reputation.

There are a number of ways to develop your five star reputation. These can involve the following

  • Put together appointment or business reminder cards to give to clients and show them where they can leave reviews or feedback.
  • Build a private review webpage for your customers.

This allows you and your clients to know about reviews before they are forwarded online. All you marketing materials channels your customers to your private page, where you can review and post the positive ones online. Those that have issues can be addressed before they get posted online.
By using specially designed email templates that will inspire your consumers to not only read but to take action.

A regular flow of 5-star reviews from your pleased customers is the kind of content that influences potential clients to choose you over your competition. Hence this is the best opportunity to establish yourself as the perfect choice and market trailblazer among clients where you do business.
The global influence of the online reputation is massive for a small business.

Reputation marketing and building a good online reputation are critically important to your business be it a small or large corporation. There are firms that can assist you to develop these strategies in order for your business to generate more customers.

Reputation Management is focused toward forcing actual search results (negative feed-backs) off the front page whereas Reputation marketing is working with the search results to reveal the business in the best way possible, then marketing the 5-star positive results

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