Quick Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Times have changed, with the competition of selling products and services on the rise, marketers are looking for new ways to reach their consumers.

Online marketing is a new way to reach consumers; with social media and YouTube are some of those tactics that marketers use, but now there is Instagram which can be a key component to your online marketing strategy. Many believe that Instagram won’t work for them, but the truth is it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms around. Businesses are now paying popular users to post about their brand. So if you looking for a way to make money that doesn’t involve spending money then welcome to Instagram. You can start making money quickly if you have great posts and/ or a big following.

Instagram tips

 Four Tips: How to Grow Your Following on Instagram:

Post Daily: – Consistency is the key. If you want to mold a following, you need to post every day. You can’t just post one day and leave and expect it to grow, you have to be effective every day.


Post Attractive photos: – This is practical and goes without saying, but posting attractive images is key to gaining more followers on Instagram. Many credit their success on Instagram to the quality of photos they shared.


Apply relevant Hashtags: – Hashtags are an important marketing and including them in your photos allows you to be noticed by users interested in the type of content you post. Just remember not to overdo it.


Create an Insta-style: – Have a signature style that allow your photos to stand out. Successful people on Instagram always have that one unique style that distinguishes them from the others.

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So how do you make money on Instagram once you grow your following?


Sell Sponsored Posts: – This ideally favors if you have a large following, and you can rack up loads of comments and likes within minutes of posting, then you may be in a good spot to try acquiring at best a few decent sponsorship deals from businesses that would be prepared to remunerate you to endorse their brand to your audience.


Market your Service: – Are you a web developer and designer? A freelance? Fashion designer? A writer? A real’ photographer? Don’t be afraid to publish your progressive portfolio to the Instagram community. You can post details about your current projects, trending projects or new products. Remember to include your contact details.


Affiliate links: – Just like blogging, you can acquire links from eBay or Amazon, for example. You can get a distinctive link for a product, use Instagram to take excellent shots of the product, and you get a commission when there is a sale.


Marketing other Businesses: – Capturing leads for other companies and selling their products and services is another great way of making money on Instagram. You can choose an affiliate network that will enable you to browse through the current promotional offers for example EPC (earnings Per Click), CR (Click through Rate) etc. All you required to do to start promoting an offer is copy and paste the unique URL to your Instagram bio’s website section. When other users’ click on it to check it out, you earn a commission if they agree to buy something or enter their personal information – like their email address.


Offer Brand Takeovers: – You can work as an ambassador by sharing on someone else’s Instagram account instead of your account. It works well with Travel Agencies, whereby the brand gives you access to their account and you may take photos of the places of visit and you share them in their account. The firm then pays you for the adventurous services when followers inquire about them. This trick can also be applied to shopping malls, restaurants etc.

You don’t necessarily need to have a following to earn money with “Instagram takeover”, you only need to have the spirit of adventure.


Sell your Account: – When you have reach a high number of followers in your Instagram account and it is successful enough, you may get a handsome offer from a firm to sell it. Accounts that have over 500 thousand followers can be sold for 6 figures.

Remember making money here is more than just posting beautiful photos, you need to post consistently and engage with your followers: time and effort are the most Important.[

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