How To Increase Facebook Ad Campaigns

You probably acknowledge that Facebook is the number one social media platform, which most people use. Apart from the fact that we are using it for chatting with our friends or sharing the things we love such as photos, videos, or even document files, some people especially business owners use it as their number one source of traffic and sales and a spot for branding. Some brands may doubt Facebook marketing on whether it’s worth the effort. In my opinion it is.

Facebook still continues to be the major social network to be in relation to capability reach. Social media marketing is all about the little details. The good news is that Facebook has actively introduced new tools and elements to benefit the marketers and make them succeed. All you need with Facebook marketing is to dig deeper, analyze and make small changes that can make a big impact.

The Most Under-Utilized Facebook Strategies


  1. Modifying your Open Graph meta-data.

First Open Graph exists as a type of Meta data that tells Facebook which image, title and description to show in the preview when people share your content. Optimizing your content for Facebook allows it to be more shareable. Optimized content sells itself. People will want to share content that is more attractive, with an alluring title and narrative. Acquaint yourself with Facebook Open graph for it can help you control what people see on their newsfeed once your content is shared. From a marketing point of view, here are some benefits of optimizing your content for Facebook:


    • It encourages sharing: -Having and image or a compelling headline will drive people to desire sharing your post on their Facebook walls.


    • It increases click Through Rates (CTRs):  Having a great image, an enticing headline and a brief and relevant description could help you get more clicks.


    • It facilitates re-sharing: When a post looks great on Facebook, people are more likely to click “like” and “share,” amplifying your chances of getting seen by more people.

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  1. The CTA button developed for Facebook

The largest social network, Facebook, has initiated several CTA buttons on Facebook. The CTA buttons on Facebook pages include: Book Now, Contact Us, Play Game, Use App, Sign Up, Shop Now, and Watch Video. To all marketers delight, this move indicates that Facebook is actively experimenting with new ways to help businesses drive sales. This move by Facebook shows that they are ready to support marketers and this could also increase customer requisition efforts. Its fairly easy to add the buttons onto your Facebook page, so do it.


  1. Uploading videos straight to your Facebook page.

The social network has already shown the ability to put content in front of millions of people at will, boosting traffic for media companies (particularly to smartphones). Now, it has turned that force toward video. For a user who has started creating videos as a marketing strategy, you can’t disregard Facebook. Facebook is already showing the aptitude to make kings out of the early adopters of its native video player, which automatically begins playing when it shows in the News Feed.


  1. Posts at nights and on weekends

If you work all the way through the week, it doesn’t mean it is the best time to post on Facebook. Statistics have shown that engagements on Facebook tend to skyrocket on weekends. You should also test posting at night. A TrackMaven’s report reveals that posts circulated on Sundays gain the highest interactions per post. Also posts broadcasted around 12-1AM are very effective. All of you can’ t be awake at 12AM to make a Facebook post that’s why Facebook has a built-in feature that lets you schedule a post to appear on your page later. On this note, if you want to use Facebook for maximum advantage, you need to post contents for your target audience with consistency. Your goals should be either to educate, to entertain, or to empower them.


  1. Endorse your Finest Content

2015 is the year that Facebook marketing has skyrocketed and for this you have to make prudent decisions when it comes to promoting your content. First you have to set aside a social media financial plan which will allow you to market content that already has some traction.


  1. You can use hashtags but use them properly

Before, hashtag was a thing for twitter but now it has come to Facebook. When you are using hashtags on Facebook, think wisely about what you are using them for and how you can use them. Think of hashtags on Facebook as a campaign or contest which allows you to merge your posts, promote your content across various platforms and depending on the nature of the contest or campaign, it has the ability to encourage users to share their own posts with the hashtag of the campaign which allows you to unify your posts, promote across different platforms and depending on the nature of the campaign or contest, has the ability to encourage users to share their own posts with the hashtag of the campaign.


  1. Take clues from your other Channels

Learning what will play well on Facebook can often be right in front of you. This is another tactic that actually gets underused. It may go without saying but using other popular channels on Facebook can work to your advantage. Check what works well on your other social channels and think in what way you can incorporate it on Facebook to achieve your potential.


Finally, if you happen to ask a question on your Post, ask it at the end. Questions receive more comments than standard text posts. Where you place your question in a post is equally as important as to what you are asking. Posting a question at the end of your post increases the interaction rate. A question at the middle of the post usually disrupts your Facebook fan from answering your question but one at the end is requesting the fan to respond immediately These are just some of the underused Facebook strategies which can help boost your business and brand awareness. We will continue to share more fresh marketing tactics as they develop.

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