How To Create A Blog Comment That Will Generate Traffic

Blog commenting is one of the ancient yet the most effective technique get recognition in your niche and boost traffic on your blog. Reputation in your niche can improve by commenting on the blogs. It’s important to be familiar with blog commenting because the better you understand it, the more efficiently and correctly your can do it.

Blog commenting is full of advantages.

5 Ways Blog commenting can help you:


    1. 1.It’s a great way to improve the number of backlinks


    1. 2.You get traffic


    1. 3.You will get noticed. The more you leave comments, the more likely blog owners and influencers will notice you.


    1. 4.It is a cheap way to market your business or blog


    1. 5.You will get noticed by the readers of the blog, you are commenting, hence a far broader readership.


You need to understand blog commenting is a long term method and just placing comments on popular blogs such as won’t guarantee a sudden increase in traffic. Therefore you need to be patient.

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several common mistakes that make comments suck:


    1. Using a false name or pseudonym: – It shows the blogger you likely not a long-term prospect.


    1. Dumping links in your comments: – Embedding links in your comments comes across as a cheap attempt to advertise. No matter how insightful the comment may be, the blogger will feel an irresistible urge to kick you off their property.Set up Gravatar


    1. This is an image that gets linked to your email and that picture shows each time you comment on different blogs. Photos are more memorable to human beings. By posting comments on different blogs giving your insight, readers will start noticing you as a proficient person in the niche. Remember, people need to see the real you, so don’t choose an image of a grumpy cat to represent you in blog comments. They are more likely to feel a connection with you if they can see your face.


  1. Comment on several blogs which are related to your industry to boost your grip in your niche. By applying this idea, you will place your conversant comment in front of a huge audience in your niche. That means more backlinks, traffic, and more recognition. You will start to build positive relationships with the blog owners and influencers.In order to have a superior blog comment, here are four essential parts: The friendly greeting, the sincere compliment, the added value, and a parting promise. Including the four in your comment can be a great marketing strategy for your blog.

In conclusion

Blog commenting is a long-term process which serves well. It’s an excellent way to market you blog. It’s the best way to brand your blog authoritative. This technique also has the capability to bring in large traffic and backlinks.

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September 15, 2016

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