Get More Sales With Email Receipt Marketing

Email receipt marketing strategy

What if, every time somebody shopped at your store, they received an email receipt? This is one of the greatest marketing strategies that businesses are missing out. Due to overlooking such things businesses are missing out. That’s why I write this blog just to enlighten you on email receipt marketing techniques.


What’s Your Email Receipt Missing?

Email receipts have a 70.90% probability of being opened as compared to the regular promotional emails that only get a 17.19% open rate. With this statistics, businesses should consider the email receipt as a gold mine and embrace it strongly. Since the customer who gets this email is one who has already demonstrated their trust in your business by making a purchase, this receipt can be used as an opportunity for marketing. Some of the things you may add to the email include:


    • Tell them about similar or close related products in the store
    • Offer the customer a discount to motivate their next purchase
    •  Initiate communication by providing a feedback platform to the customer
    • Add a link t your social media sites.
  • And much more

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For a long time companies have used email receipts for marketing. For instance, take a look at this email receipt I got from Uber last week and see if you can learn something. Uber offers its customers an amazing travel experience and later use their email receipt to market their products by:


    • Giving customers an opportunity to rate their services


    • Providing feedback to customer


    • Offering customers a chance to get bonuses by referring your friends



Maybe you can’t see how powerful this tool is yet. According to Uber, the number off customers they receive is almost unprecedented. The company mainly spreads its services through word of mouth from previous customers. Maybe, we should try going deeper so you can see just what eCommerce email receipt strategies can be implemented for great success in business:

Upsell related products in your email receipts

Actual most big players in eCommerce industry are using this. For instance in 2006, Amazon reported to have got 35% of its sales as a direct result of up selling.
Provide discount codes to motivate future purchases:

In this strategy a customer is issued a promotional code(coupon) that offers a discount for the next purchase. This acts as an insensitive and customers are more likely to take it even if its as little as $1. According to research, 44% of promotional mails made at least one purchase the previous year.

Another factor to remember is that, the coupon marketing strategy has several other benefits which include:

    •  Ability to track sales for both online and offline sales
    •  Helps on deciding and offering time sensitive discounts
    • They can be included on physical receipts.

Keep customer informed by promoting social media links

According to MarketingProfs, a study shows that more than 60% of the leading brands plan or have integrated social media in their email receipt. Why are you being left behind? Just include a social media link in the emails and watch the traffic grow.
Here are some examples of how you may present the links

    • Share this with 5 friends and get a 5% discount on your next purchase.
    • Refer a friend and get $1 discount on next order
    • Every time someone you referred makes a purchase you earn purchase points.


The way to present the social media link varies. The best result is obtained by trying and hence generating the most effective strategy.

Get Immediate Feedback from Paying Customers

For many years, companies have used the email receipt to get feed back from customers. A small survey may be attached t the email which helps companies gauge their products. This is very important in giving insight on what customers love and they don’t love.Some of the most commonly asked questions include asking;

    • What customers think about product pricing
    • How did they come across your store
    • How the customer feel about the overall purchasing.

Since most people enjoy shopping and feel god about it, you can take advantage of this feeling and encourage your shoppers to share their purchase on Facebook. According to AddShoppers in order for customers to share your products, you need t make them easily shareable. This is because customers which are referred spend 13.4% more than the original customers.


Now that you know how important email receipt marketing can be. Will you Incorporate it in your store? If yes, which strategies are you going to use? Feel free to share with us your email receipt marketing strategies through the comment box bellow.

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