3 Email Marketing Strategies You Must Use For Your Business

There are basically three email marketing strategies that you should use. While you can choose to emphasize more on others, it will be a big mistake to simply stick to one strategy.

What makes email-marketing strategy so effective?

Compared to other marketing methods, email marketing has some very obvious advantages. They include the following.

  • High reach: being able to get people to join your email list enables you to reach them. You cannot just reach them if they simply liked your Facebook page.
  • Flexibility: email marketing strategy can work for just about any business. Whether you are in consulting, you sell lingerie or you are in real estate business, you can still use email-marketing strategies. You only need to ensure that you use the right strategy.
  • Minimum risk: email-marketing costs are considerably lower compared to other. Thanks to its relatively lower cost, email marketing can be used by even businesses that haven’t tasted success yet. AWeber is one simple system that you can use. If you want something a little more sophisticated, you can go for infusion soft. Still, it is way cheaper compared to what other marketing strategies require.
  • Low entry barrier: Email marketing is not half as complicated as other marketing techniques and requires a relatively shorter time to learn. You don’t have to be an expert to see the results.
    • Full control: Majority of other marketing strategies are widely dependent on policy changes (for instance Google and Adwords). Also, several other things are beyond your control. With email marketing, you are in full control.

Top 3 Email Marketing Strategies



Many internet-based businesses rely a lot on making offers in their emails. However, how you present the offer matters a lot. The most important thing is to urge people to go for something that they really want. It could mean offering your clients discount coupon for a product they have indicated an interest in. also, it could mean coming up with a promotion to everybody on your list. But the problem with promoting something is that there will always be a risk of appearing sales-y.

If, however, you realize that your promotion seems sales-y, it simply means that something’s not right. A good offer should not feel sales-y, pushy or manipulative. Rather, it should feel helpful. This means that the next time you want to promote something on email, do it as friend that genuinely wants to assist the recipient. While it is true that sales-y promotions also create results, the problem is that they are not as good as they need to be.Most people will buy if they firmly believe that they have nice reasons to make a purchase.

But if they don’t have reasons to make them buy,they simply won’t buy. If you come across as someone who really wants to help them, they will believe you to be sincere. They will believe that purchasing from you is a good decision.

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Bloggers and SaaS (Software as a Service) business use content marketing tactic more compared to any other strategy. They come up with some good content and then inform people about it through email. While some content (e.g. articles and blogs) are available publicly, some need to be hidden behind information wall. The information wall is similar to pay wall only that it does not need monetary requirement. Rather, it asks for some info from the visitor.

A very simple type of information wall is an email opt-in form requiring people to sign up to the business owner’s list so that they can be receiving more content. However, for this strategy to work best, you shouldn’t just use an opt-in strategy only. This is because after people sign up to your list, you will not ask them again in future to join the list as this simply does not make any sense.You could, for instance, ask your readers to share the content with other readers on social media before they can access it.

Relationship building

Many businesses send emails for one reason only: to build relationships. Still, only very few marketers completely rely on this email marketing strategy solely. Others however trust it more than they should and this need up hurting their businesses. People think that they automatically build relationships if they make offers and give their customers steady supply of fresh content.

You could, for instance, ask those in your subscribed list to respond to your emails or take part in a small survey. At the same time, you can share with them your personal beliefs or what goes on in your life and this way, you are building a more robust emotional connection. While majority of people will not necessarily give a damn about you sharing your worldviews and opinions, some do.

It is therefore a risk to talk about topics note directly related with your business. Do not wander into politics, sexuality, and religion as well as any other topic people have divergent views on. We have a wide array of effective list-building tactics from which to choose. They include affiliates, guest blogging, and speaking. You will also need some luck along the way. All the above strategies for list-building work irrespective of the email marketing strategy you use most often.

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