The Ideal Steps To Describe Your Niche Market

The Ideal Steps: Describing Your Niche Market

You’ve started a business or you’ve just had a great idea on a new product and you have the business belief that it will be successful. One of the primary steps in the business development process is defining who your direct market is and why they would want to buy from you.It may sound easy, but first you got to ask yourself a few questions: Do you know what you selling and to whom? Is the market you serve the ideal one for your service or product? Are the benefits of your business clear and are they affiliated with those of your target consumers? If you are unsure about the answers to any of the above questions then try revisiting the basis of your business plan.

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Defining your target market narrowly is more efficient and can help you create more effective marketing campaigns. This method is known as building a niche. It is crucial to achievement for still the biggest firms. From a marketing standpoint, a niche is a distinct segment of a larger market. Because it’s difficult to be everything to all people, it’s important for marketers to craft niches to fit their business needs and resources.

Here is a five-step process that you should involve to create a good niche:

Have a wish-list.

You should be clear on what you offering, that is whom you need to trade with. Identify the topographical range, the type of businesses and the consumers you like your company to target.With niche you have to be as precise as you can because nowadays, the trend has switched to smaller niches. Let’s say, if its targeting teenagers, make it specific: you can target female or teenagers with domestic incomes of $50,000 and up.


One of the drawbacks of not specifying what you like to offer is that you can immediately become a jack of all trades and master of none and this can have a bad impact on business progress.It’s important to specialize on a niche that you are good at, that you have sure you can your best. This will help build your reputation. Your niche has to arise intuitively from your experiences and interests.

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Understand your Customers and their needs 

It’s beneficial to create a marketing guise to better comprehend your target market, their wants and the transactions they’re willing to make. Go beyond the apparent demographics to fathom how your target market makes acquisition decisions, who influences their options and what inspires them


Synthesize and Evaluate 

At this juncture, your niche has taken form as your thoughts and the client’s needs merge to create something unique. A respectable niche has the following qualities:

  1. a) Someone else needs it- i.e. customers
  2. b) It adapts to your long term objectives
  3. c) It is Unique
  4. d) It’s carefully planned
  5. e) It progresses, thus ensuring long term success

After that you’re required to assess your proposed service or product against the above qualities. If your idea doesn’t meet any of the overhead criteria, it means it won’t get you to the peak. So ditch it, and move to the succeeding idea.

Test and Implement

When you obtain a match between product and niche, test-market it. You can do this by offering sample, such as a newsletter or a mini-seminar.After all this is done, it is time to execute your idea. Once you are here it may seem difficult to market for other entrepreneurs but if you’ve done your homework and you have a good marketing strategy you are good to go.

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Here are some benefits you’d enjoy as a niche marketer: 

    • – You can simplify your business by focusing on one specialty.
    • – Perceive yourself as an expert in the field – the one or the site to turn to.
    • – Higher pricing model. As an expert in the specific field you can charge more.
    • The more unique your products means that general competition can overlook you and even turn into sources of referrals that send traffic and business your way.
    • If you choose a niche that you’re ardent about, you’ll enjoy significant work and it’ll be far more satisfying. You’ll also attract concurring people that you’ll enjoy working with.
    • Considerably decreased competition, a better possibility of ranking higher effortlessly and through paid advertising.


  • Current competitors within minor niches sometimes have one basic insight of SEO and promoting their business, which grants you an additional benefit over them.

Ideal Steps: Are you maximizing the YouTube marketing effectively and to the fullest potential?If you think that YouTube video marketing is non-essential, then it is time to change your thinking, and plan towards utilizing YouTube to gain an amazing digital marketing strategy.Video content made up around 66 percent of Internet traffic back in 2013, and businesses have long since incorporated this potential into all of their marketing campaigns. YouTube is a fertile ground when it comes to disseminating and promoting company brand because it has a billion monthly users. Creating an account and uploading videos are not enough- you need to also consider these three tips in order to get the maximum returns.

Content, Content, Content

Content is still the king when it comes to video- more interesting and relevant video in a regular stream will make you easier to find on YouTube and on search engines.

    • Consider the example of Red Bull. Red Bull is arguably one of the best YouTube brand channels out there because it has very innovative and amazing videos put out in a regular manner. Since the company joined YouTube in 2006 up until now, it has already uploaded around 4 thousand videos! That comes to about 1.7 uploads each day. The bottom line is that the more content you produce, the greater chances of people discovering and engaging your channel, and ultimately, your brand.


  • Make a schedule for producing content and stick with it. Fans and subscribers will often check your channels on certain days, and this reinforces brand loyalty. A video of the company CEO thanking customers for an exceptional sales month is better than no video at all, as it keeps the channel active and allows a chance for the video to be shared on blogs and other social media sites.

Community Engagement

YouTube is as much as social media platform as other ones like Twitter and Facebook, and therefore you should also treat it like one.

    • Make friends with other businesses in your immediate area, and connect with organizations whose cause you wish to become associated with. Remember that social media is another word for online community, so make it a thriving community! Support other companies by leaving helpful and uplifting comments. Follow them and visit their channels consistently. Send them your video links, and share theirs as well.
    • The comments section is there for a reason. Answer in a timely manner as possible and don’t leave your customers hanging. It is most advisable to answer a query within an hour of the posting of the comment. When people see the questions unanswered and without a proper response, they think that the company is one-sided and doesn’t care about their customers, which can be detrimental to the overall brand image.
  • Follow up and be grateful when people leave their thoughts and suggestions on the comments section. Thank them and get the ball rolling to success- your customers will be sure to appreciate it and this leads to a better engagement and follower relationship.

Managing Safeguards

      • Take precautions and make sure that your content is free from copyright infringement and follows YouTube’s terms of service. One claim is all it takes, because YouTube can, and does remove videos that violate their rules and regulations. They can even go far as to ban your entire channel.
    • Remember Sony and Universal Music’s “black hat” video? The two companies allegedly uploaded videos and created a huge amount of traffic, or “fake” views to boost their numbers. YouTube has the technology and can know if the views are organic or not, so they removed all the videos with fake productions. When the dust settled, Sony had 3 videos left, while Universal had only 5.
    • Head over to the YouTube terms of service page to get a general idea if you are fairly new and have just created an account. The basic rule of thumb is to never include copyrighted images or music in your videos. Under the “Fair Use” clause, you may use a small portion of images or music, but need to have the consent of the creator for it.
  • Back up all of your content regularly on a cloud storage system should any issues arise and you are left without a channel. You may also try other video platforms such as Veoh and Daily Motion to further spread the company brand’s SEO aspect.

YouTube’s unrivaled power and potential can certainly make a huge impact in your overall marketing platform. Just remember to keep it constant, engaging and fresh, and the subscribers will surely come!

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