Blog Headlines That Will Generate Traffic and Search Results

Blog Headlines That Drive Traffic

Blog headlines are key to getting traffic to your site. You should always think about blog headlines before you post. People may choose to read your content solely by reading your headline. The importance of great headlines is to:


  • Get you more traffic
  • You want more people to find you in search engines
  • You want your clients to find your content so valuable that they share it with their networks

Writing significant headlines is one of the finest ways to make your content shareable, grow your traffic, and get found on search engines. Therefore it is ideal to have a compelling headline otherwise you risk losing almost 80 percent of your audience.

Here are examples of seven kinds of Headlines to increase your blog traffic


Blog Headlines:

“The Best”

If you want to optimize your SEO, then these are the headlines for you. These headlines state right to the common web searches of your audience. When you or your customer is searching for content on a specific topic, you are always intrigued by the best way. These headlines always tart off with the words “the best way to…”



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Question Headlines

These headlines focus on a viewer’s needs and imply an answer if they click through to read your content. They are super helpful and relate to how individuals naturally search for answers.People are now turning to search engine for answers. So figuring out precisely how your viewers are asking their questions, then using those keywords in your headline, could be a great tactic to get the traffic you’re looking for. Also it’s important to be careful when using this headline, you can at least tease the solution to the query in your intro to keep your readers interested.

List post headlines

These headline provide ambiguity about the post itself, while arousing your readers’ curiosity. List post headlines give your audience the chance to skim your subheads to see if they’d like to read in further.If you can define your blog posts as lists, you can use list post headlines to get the most social shares from your content therefore increasing your traffic.

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The ‘Experience Has Taught Well’ Headlines

Experience is the best teacher. Shrewd people learn from their mistakes or others mistakes. They can also learn from others success. You can have headlines that speak to the problems your direct persona are facing and promise to deliver insight on how to deal with these problems.

Example: Investment ideas I learned from Wall Street

The ‘Don’t Be Stupid’ Headlines

Headlines that appeal to our yearning to be accepted are the most compelling. No one wants to look like a fool and headlines that connect to that desire are exceedingly compelling. When we mention mistakes specially if they are recognized, we all want to ensure we’re not making them.



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Blog Headlines: Remember to:


Keep It Short

Short headlines are great for social media, SEO, and your readers. By making your headline at least 60-65 characters long is ideal because there are more easily shared on social media. Having a short headline is also ideal for readers because having a long headline the reader can only read the first few words and the last words but when it is shorter they are more likely to read it in its entirety.


Ask Questions

What is the importance of using a question in a headline? Because it stimulates instant engagement. Questions also help create a tone of conversation, to help you connect with your readers.


Give a Promise

Many marketers assert that all headlines are a promise, a promise of worth that reading the content will provide. It is your job to have a headline that will convey what your audience gets in return for the time they spend reading your post.


Include Reader-Focused Keywords

Your audience likely reacts to a certain tone of speaking, so make sure you’re appealing to it. The more you can personally know your target viewers, the more you can connect with them on this more emotional level.When you write your headlines remember to be unique, be clear and specific, create urgency for your content, and also deliver value.

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December 4, 2016

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