5 Affiliate Marketing Tactics That Never Fail

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is s great way for merchants bring awareness to the services they offer and to their products.  The two best features about affiliate marketing is, first, it’s simple and secondly it’s  low-cost. If this sounds good you, here are 5 affiliate marketing strategies that work, every time!


  1. Compelling URL

If you ask anyone, they will gladly tell you that affiliate links look like scan artist web addresses or simply destinations to virus-infected pages. This results to people ignoring them because they have no idea where they lead. So, in order for you to be able to increase your conversation rates, you need to calm people down and make it obvious for them about where your affiliate links lead to, try to use a compelling URL that is directed to your affiliate link.


For instance, consider Sparkol Videoscribe http://www.sparkol.com/


You realize it might look just fine but I still decided against it and opted to use a much simpler URL: . Both will take you to the same place tracking my affiliate links in the same way but you can also agree that the latter looks better and it improves my CTR. In order for you to be able to implement the same affiliate marketing strategy,


Use the following free WordPress redirection plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugin/quick-pagepost-redirect-plugin/


  1. Promote stuff you personally use

This is simply the best affiliate marketing strategy you could use and it works because you are familiar with the products. Knowing the products on a personal level means that you will give better reviews that will seem sincere and honest. Damaging your reputation by giving false information or promoting low quality products to the clients will not be a good idea. This will also give you an opportunity to answer any questions your readers might have for you about the products and this will convert the rest of the readers across the fence.


  1. Show how the products work in EXACT detail

One of the gravest mistakes you could make like some newbie affiliate marketers are doing is writing very short “who cares, just click on my link” kind of reviews then expect people to actually buy. This will not happen. The only thing you might achieve from this is repelling your readers away and worse still, the search engine could penalize your site for “thin affiliate content”. You really need not risk it, just share the experiences you have with the products and go as far as demonstrating how they can make your readers’ lives better or easier.

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To give you an example, am using Sparkol Videoscribe, a whiteboard video animation software product and when I wrote a review about it, I shared everything about it at a personal level because I have experience with it. I even went as far as creating a video to show them exactly how it works. This video as well as the article still brings high commissions to my site, the results simply speak for themselves.


  1. Offer some bonus incentives

The idea of offering bonuses in order to convince people to make purchases is very widely used and for a good reason. You can also take advantage of this as an affiliate marketer. What you need is to create a short e-book or a different gift closely related to the product you are promoting, after that, make it clear to your readers that they will get the bonus gift as soon as they buy the product. So how do you know if they did see your link to buy the product?

You need to ask them to send you a transaction ID number they will get through an email once they make an order then verify it in your merchant affiliate center. Personally, I have used a certain affiliate link to purchase a certain product and I went as far as clearing my computer cookies in order to make sure I get the bonus promised.


  1. Create a recourses page

Like I have mentioned before as it is my strategy in my monthly reports, you need to create a resources page for your website in order to increase your affiliate income. In a resources page, the things you should include are products, services as well as other stuff you could recommend to your readers. If you talked to different web masters like I did, they souls all tell you the same thing, they get their larger part of their affiliate earnings from their resources page. Some of them actually confessed to earnings as high as 30%.

So, it will be a good  marketing strategy to create a resources page and make sure you link it to a prominent place like your homepage or navigation bar.

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July 31, 2017

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