9 Mobile Marketing Tactics You Should Know

Mobile Marketing and What You Should Know

There are ways in which a business can make use of mobile marketing to reach out to their targeted consumers. Let’s take a look at 9 mobile marketing tactics that small businesses can use implement to achieve their business goals. The advancement in technology has made it easy for a small business to market its products and services to increase their market share. For instance, in the United States, more than half of the adult population uses smartphones that are connected to the internet. Therefore, any business is expected to come up with a marketing strategy based on such a web-marketing plan. It will allow the business to send messages to consumers and potential consumers of the product for an increase in sales volume.


The following are the 9 mobile marketing tactics to improve a business’ competitive advantage in the market:

Encourage Online Check-ins

This is where a business uses sites like Google+ and Foursquare to encourage consumers to share information about their product. The business provides gifts, discounts and special recognition to customers who visit the website severally to encourage the customers to use the products.


Social media marketing

A business is supposed to keep their social media sites updated for the consumers to have the latest information about the products and services offered by the business. The social media sites where the business should update its profile include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Text/SMS Marketing

This is where a business uses mobile phones to send consumers information about the products and services provided by them. Any questions are answered best through text messaging to the consumers to build a strong relationship with the customer.


Use your smart phone to grow your email list

There is a need to grow the number of contacts for current and potential customers of the business. This allows the business to send emails to the contacts in case of a new product to increase the awareness. The advancement of technology has made it possible to use email-marketing programs that are more effective compared to issuing of business cards to customers. This is made possible by creating an account in Go Canvas to increase the number of emails for targeted customers.

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Incorporate QR Codes

A business can perform mobile marketing by incorporating quick response codes that increases the connection between the business owners and the consumers. The Quick Response (QR) codes are downloaded and scanned for free on a smart phone to provide latest information about the business; for instance, in case of discounts or offers. The QR codes are incorporated in flyers, advertisements, email signatures and business cards. The QR codes are easy to use as it allows the owner to send the consumer to a particular page depending on the search of the consumer.

Mobile Search Advertisement Programs
This program aims at increasing the number of consumers by capturing the potential customers for the product. Google has collaborated with businesses to ensure that potential customers can easily click on the products advertised. The payment is done to Google depending on the number of customers who click on the products. The number of searches by potential customers essential for the business as the individual can search for the product using a smart phone.


Mobile customer service

This is where a business uses a mobile phone to track payments, shipping and answers to customers about the product. The ability to respond quickly to customer changes in the market share of the business.
Use mobile directories

The directory of a business provides an overview of operation and products sold to consumers. The directory should describe services offered, hours of operation, address, phone number and website link of the business.
Create a Mobile App

Smartphones users prefer applications that are easily installed in the mobile to websites. A business could increase the number of customers by creating an application or advertising in apps. The content, newsletter and apps created by the business are supposed to be unique to attract more potential customers.

July 31, 2017

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